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Welcome to BitReview's bitcoin exchange guide! In these pages we compare the industry's largest bitcoin exchange sites to help you select the product most appropriate for your particular set of circumstances.  Please find below our top five bitcoin exchanges, ranked based on security, software quality and user interface, value, trading volume and ease of account opening.


    Insured USD and bitcoin wallets

    Liquid, low-fee exchange in multiple currencies

    Integrated Debit Card


    Local Bitcoins operates everywhere!

    Cash, paypal, e-payments, gift cards and more!

    Sellers might request KYC docs


    Top international exchange by USD volume

    Robust platform, lending and margin markets

    Excellent trading fees, but bank in Hong Kong


    Europe's best exchange, top BTC/EUR liquidity

    Low fees, SEPA rates, excellent trading platform

    Now available for US and Canadian traders!


    Easiest place to trade bitcoin online

    Send bitcoin to phone contacts via A+ app

    Only to receive e-money license in the UK

Still Not Sure Which Bitcoin Exchange is Right for You?

Check out our market-by-market break down, where we compare the best exchanges in each of the United Kingdom, United States, Canada and Europe.  If you are more interested in peer to peer exchanges have a look at localbitcoins, which matches traders to one another in every corner of the globe.  These reviews and others can be found below, either in the body of the page or in the "read more" carousel.   


Kraken Review

Published: May 20th, 2015 | Author: David M

Kraken is our top-ranked product for European traders. An excellent trading and mobile platform, with local EU-banking relationships, super-low fees and a transparent operation.  Kraken has recently opened doors to Canadian traders as…

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Cryptsy Review

Published: May 21th, 2015 | Author: David M

Cryptsy has been embroiled in controversy concerning non-payment of customer bitcoin.  Traders are best served trading at alternative exchanges until further notice.

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BTC-e Review

Published: May 20th, 2015 | Author: David M

BTC-e represents the unregulated side of the bitcoin marketplace. Registration is non-existent, and there is no set KYC process. However, fees are low, liquidity is high, and the exchange has been around for…

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Cubits Review

Published: June 10th, 2015 | Author: David Marc

Cubits sets the bar in their user-friendly KYC process. Opening an account generally takes about three minutes, and requires just a government ID and an internet connection. The exchange seems to have dominated…

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BitReview prides itself on delivering the most in-depth and objective bitcoin exchange reviews in the market.  If you would like the cliff's notes, we are particularly partial to Coinbase and Circle for US-based users due to their exceptional professionalism and security provisions, as well as the simplicity of account opening and free and convenient bank transfers.  Those who prefer a more robust trading platform should check out bitfinex, which lacks local payment options but offers greater order types and margin trading.  

For European users preferring btc/eur exchange, pride of place goes to Kraken, a superior trading product with a serious executive team and local payment options.  For those located in the UK, uncertainty has prevented exchanges from consumating local banking partnerships, which greatly undermines the establishment of GBP denominated exchanges.  However, HMG is extremely keen to provide a safe harbor for fintech in general and bitcoin in specific, and we anticipate market liberalization to allow greater freedom to exchange bitcoin locally.  The Canadian market has recently become a battle ground among competing exchanges, with Cavirtex, QuadrigaCX and CoinTrader representing a clear top three for customers.

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