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Finding the Best Bitcoin Products Starts Here.

BitReview ranks the top bitcoin exchanges, wallets, debit cards and other services to save you the hassle.

Top Exchange

Coinbase- the leading exchange in the US

  • Top US liquidity in btc, eth, ltc
  • low fees and credit card deposits
  • cold storage (though custodial)
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QuadrigaCX - Canada's #1 Exchange to Buy Crypto

  • Top Bitcoin and Ethereum exchange
  • Big CAD liquidity, low fees
  • Local deposit options
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LocalBitcoins - Taking Bitcoin to the Streets

  • Meet local brokers through localbitcoins and trade face to face
  • Local deposit options, escrow service offered through platform as needed
  • If you don't trust the exchanges or don't have great bank access, this is your solution
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Top Debit Card

Cryptopay - Spend Bitcoin Using a Debit Card

  • Free worldwide delivery, accepted everywhere visa is accepted
  • Instant and cheap bitcoin withdrawal; pretty wide spreads
  • Great service!
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Top Debit Card

UQUID - Designed for Discretion, Whatever Your Currency

  • Debit card with more than 40 cryptos!
  • Spend crypto from USD, GBP or EUR
  • No bank account or credit history needed!
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Wirex - Bitcoin Nation’s Most Popular Debit Card

  • Load bitcoin, spend with GBP, EUR or USD denominated cards
  • Manage your debit card from Wirex’s beautiful iOS/Android app
  • Get an exclusive 25% off your plastic card order.
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Top Wallet

Trezor - If you Hold Substantial Bitcoin, Go Trezor

  • Most cost-effective cold storage solution in the market
  • Complete isolation between trezor and web
  • Easily spend bitcoin without keys online
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Ledger - Hardware Stores Bitcoin, Ethereum and More!

  • Connects via USB and uses LED display
  • Cheap options available
  • Single tap confirmation
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Copay - User-friendly Multisig Wallet

  • Configure how many signatures needed to unlock funds
  • Looks great across iOS, Android and desktop
  • Multiple wallets from one interface, each one configurable!
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Top Platform

BitMEX - Leading Crypto Derivatives Platform

  • Leverage your crypto trading as high as 100:1
  • All Crypto Trades collateralized in Bitcoin
  • 10% off trading fees for six months (USA? Scroll on to next platforms)
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FXChoice - Sophisticated and Bitcoin-Friendly Forex

  • Trade on metatrader with bitcoin
  • Big leverages available
  • Track record as reputable forex brokerage predates bitcoin
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WhaleClub - Bitcoin Powered Forex and Cryptotrading

  • No geographical limitations, email registration
  • Trade cryptocurrencies and mainstream markets
  • Deposit offer: 30% rebate on losing trades
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Top Casino

7Bit - Play your Favorite Casino Games With Bitcoin

  • 100 Spins Free Every Wednesday
  • Get a Bonus on Every Deposit
  • More than 600 slots, provably fair table games!
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Bovada - World-famous sports brand has gone crypto

  • The most popular sportsbook in the Western Hemisphere
  • Deposit and withdraw in bitcoin
  • Massive poker action and excellent odds
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America’s Cardroom - Best US Poker Room Accepts Bitcoin

  • Deposit and withdraw in bitcoin, play in dollar
  • Stupid, crazy loyalty program provides massive rakeback
  • Top liquidity, massive tournaments
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Everything you Wanted to Know about Bitcoin but were Afraid to Ask

Bitcoin is a currency, a store of value, and a groundbreaking technical achievement! It also has exhibited exponential growth, and continues to provide investors excellent returns year after year (knock wood). Thankfully getting into the market is now a breeze. As bitcoin popularity has grown so too has choice of exchanges, and local markets no longer suffer from liquidity shortages!

Buying Bitcoin has Never Been Easier

The Canadian Bitcoin Exchange market is one of the fastest growing. QuadrigaCX has emerged as the top exchange in terms of liquidity, and investors can buy ethereum and bitcoin cheaply and safely with local deposit options like Interac. US, European and British residents have a convenient choice in Coinbase, which offers excellent liquidity against bitcoin, litecoin, and ethereum in the three local currencies. Styling itself after a bank (minus the customer support), Coinbase insures coin and USD holdings. However, if it is anonymity you are after, look to localbitcoins, which allows for the direct exchange between bitcoin buyer and seller, in most local currencies.

Get yourself a Wallet

If you hold a substantial amount of bitcoin, it is probably best to invest in a cold storage wallet solution. Trezor is the safest, most cost-effective product in the marketplace. It insures that the "private key" - or the long code required to access your coin - never touches that dangerous jungle otherwise known as the internet. If you are looking for safe, free alternatives, have a look at out our comparison of the best bitcoin wallets.

Yes, you can Easily Spend Bitcoin

Visa and Mastercard debit card solutions now allow instant conversion of bitcoin, ethereum, or a host of additional cryptos into USD, EUR or GBP. Spend your bitcoin in a pinch or even withdraw it as cash from an ATM! Check out our comparison of UQUID and a number of additional bitcoin and ethereum debit cards.

Trading Cryptocurrencies Without all the Hassle

Many traders have had their interest piqued  by the volatility in the bitcoin, ethereum and the entire cryptocurrency asset class, but are discouraged from taking part in the marketplace due to the onboarding headache, or perception thereof.  Increased demand for cryptocurrency trading instruments has encouraged traditional forex brokerages to integrate cryptocurrency CFDs into their trading platforms.  Traders are able to long or short the market using good old fashioned government-issued currency, with leverages reaching 20:1.  We list and compare the best of these brokerages in an article on cryptocurrency trading platforms.  

Disintermediate the Intermediated!

The internet has provided an alternative method of connecting people to one another, a byproduct of which has been the emergence of new peer-to-peer marketplaces. The p2p model can play a disruptive role in traditionally mediated markets including but not limited to lending, money transfer, stock trading, forex trading, and betting markets. Bitcoin and other crypto are playing an increasing role in transforming these types of markets, helping to cut out the middleman (and their associated costs) while providing participants more autonomy.