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Additional info
Target Market
  • Global
  • Bitcoin
  • Crypto Only
  • Welcome Package up to 5 btc in bonuses and 250 free spins
  • Excellent selection of proprietary and softswiss provably-fair games
  • Player privacy respected! Email and password only requirement to play
  • Play with a number of different altcoins
  • Games library not as robust as some competition


FortuneJack launched as a product with many proprietary provably-fair games, some of which were quite unique in the market.  (Think a provably-fair minesweeper variation for real money, or Wheel of Fortune with provably random spins).  From that perspective, it was always very much a bitcoin-tech first product.

As the market began to expand, FortuneJack partnered with SoftSwiss to expand their games library to include top of the market slots and table games.  This provided content that would appeal to the mass market, disinterested in provable fairness but perhaps intrigued by the benefits of using bitcoin as a deposit option.  Since then, Fortune Jack has steadily been adding products including poker – which is admirable but most likely doomed to failure – and binary options.

We are big fans of FortuneJack.  They have some unique products, are very active and innovative, and have excellent support.

Opening an Account

The joys of bitcoin casinos, username and password is all that’s required. Don’t feel like sharing your email? FortuneJack is fine with that, just be warned that they cannot offer password recovery without it!

Deposit and withdrawal

Deposits are credited within seconds to player accounts. Each coin has its own wallet address shown in the “my account” tab, so avoid using the “quick deposit” for non-bitcoin deposits. Withdrawals are shipped out in seconds as well, although FortuneJack reserves the right to manually review betting activity before processing payments.

The minimum deposit and withdrawal amounts are 1mBTC, (.001 bitcoin) or equivalent.


Loyalty program

After the initial bonus is cleared, players begin to earn loyalty points with every wager. Each bet of .001 BTC earns one Loyalty point. The games listed in the table above are all included in the loyalty point scheme, each with the same contribution percentage as displayed. Points can be exchanged for cryptocoins and provide access to a host of VIP activities, according to the below:

0 loyalty points>5000 loyalty points>20,000 Loyalty points >50,000 loyalty points
.0001 btc cashback per 100 points (.1% effective wagering rebate).0002 btc cashback per 100 points (.2% wagering rebate)-.00074 btc cashback per 100 points (.75% wagering rebate) -Access to exclusive monthly promos and giveaways-.0015 btc cashback per 100 points (1.5% wagering rebate) -Access to exclusive monthly promos and giveaways -Exclusive tournaments and VIP offers -Personal account manager


FortuneJack Casino chooses ten casino games at the beginning of each week for their leaderboard competition. The five most winning players across all the games receive cash rewards of .5 btc, .3 btc, .1 btc, .06 btc and .04 btcfor first through fifth place finish, respectively. Each winning bet placed of .00006 btc or equivalent earns a leaderboard point. Each loss results in a 0.1 leaderboard point deduction. The winner is announced every Friday at 12:00 GMT.

Weekly Promotions

FortuneJack offers a number of additional promotions on a regular basis. Our favorite, the “Unlucky Jack”, rewards the top three biggest losers of the week with 20% of their losses back. Even when you are a loser at FortuneJack, you are a winner! (Unless you are the fourth biggest loser, then you are unfortunately still a loser). The unlucky winners are announced each Monday at 11:00 GMT.

The top five most active chat members (constructively active, not trolls) are rewarded with between .004 and .001 bitcoins, every Thursday.

And for those adventurous gamblers out there, wager at least .001 BTC on every game at FortuneJack casino and earn 50 loyalty points.

Software and Games

The Fortune Jack site is attractive and intuitive. The player dashboard, which loads automatically upon login, provides a nice snapshot of all relevant account information including balances, bonus and loyalty program status and any missed messages. Which brings us to the games content, which is a mixed bag.

On the positive side, Fortune Jack offers live dealer Roulette and Sic Bo 24/7. They offer an assortment of proprietary, provably-fair games such as blackjack, dice, a slot machine, keno, bingo, video poker, and The Fortune Wheel – a Wheel of Fortune game. BlackJack and the Fortune Wheel offers max bets of .1, with a .05 betting limit on most other games. We’ll discuss the provably-fair games below, but suffice it to say that the graphics, as well as the selection, is one of the best in this market niche.

There is a Binary Options client in the casino supplied by barchart. Binary options allow users to “bet” on whether an underlying asset, such as currency pairs like USD/EUR, Metals like Gold and Silver, stocks like google, or even the earnings of Fortune Jack will rise or fall. Users bet – or speculate on the market direction, if you prefer – on a given outcome within predetermined time periods of 1 minute, 5 minutes, an hour, three hours or twenty-four hours. A successful prediction earns a 1.8x return, while the wager is lost if the market moves the opposite direction.

Another interesting game, which we believe is unique to Fortune Jack amongst bitcoin casinos, is called Anybet. Anybet allows users to submit questions that players can bet on – with recent examples ranging from “will bitcoin rise to $350 by March 15th?” to “Confirmed cases of Ebola will reach eight in the United States before November 22nd”. Users bet on either the yes or no side and the winning side splits the bets of the losers, with 1% held aside for Fortune Jack and the user that asked the question. Unfortunately, there is not enough liquidity and questions to make this a powerful stand alone feature.

And thankfully, FortuneJack recently closed a licensing agreement with Betsoft, which offers players access to a fantastic library of 3D slots and multiple varieties of table games.

Binary Trader

FortuneJack has invested much time and effort into their proprietary binary options product, BTrader. It is designed for the casual binary options trader, characterized by an extremely user-friendly design and two-click trading interface. And to top it off, FortuneJack offers a bonus with the most reasonable requirements we’ve seen.

Btrader offers expiry times of 60 seconds, five minutes, one hour, three hours and one day. They have 15 different currency pairs, gold, silver palladium and platinum, and an instrument called “Jack’s Wealth”, an entirely random and provably fair binary betting game! All instruments and time frames return 180% on “in the money” bets, while 100% of the bet is lost outside the money.

A click on “simple” will open an alternative interface. Most importantly, this interface allows for wagers to be placed in any altcoin accepted by fortunejack.

FortuneJack uses barchart feeds for price movements. While they claim that the 30 second delay in your bet after “approve” is clicked is in the interest of fair play, it is more likely to compensate for the barchart’s less-than-real-time price feed. The delay ensures players cannot take advantage of this lag to get one up on the house.


The mobile site is not mobile-friendly. After managing login, we tried out a couple of the games on our iphone 5s, but none loaded. It seems the games are constructed in flash, which was a strange decision considering that flash is not mobile compatible, and mobile traffic generally accounts for 40-60% of gaming traffic. Many of the third-party slots are compatible, but FortuneJack unfortunately does not specify.

Provably Fair

This is FortuneJack’s strong suit. If you are one of the many bitcoin casino players that simply will not play without provably-fair gaming, Fortune Jack was made for you. The games are attractive when compared to other provably fair sites, and all games, from slots, to the Fortune Wheel, to Bingo, utilize the technology.

All the games use the off-chain method, of course, of which we will provide a quick briefer.

Before each new game, a server seed and random secret number series are generated and hashed together . The hash is shown to the player, who is then able to manually enter a client seed. The client seed and the non-hashed server seed are then digitally “shuffled” using the standard method for provably-fair gaming. (Marsenne Twist random number generation and the Fisher-Yates algorithm for card mixing, if you are interested in the nitty gritty).

The server seed is simply a string of letters and numbers, each representing a card, or a particular number, or even a symbol on a slot machine. The introduction of the client seed acts as an indeterminable variable, which impacts the result of the subsequent shuffle.

After the hand, the player is shown the secret and the server seed to check the integrity of the resulting hash. This method ensures that the casino is unable to fix a deck, and the player is able to verify this on every hand.


Fortune Jack Casino enables a “security question” required for login to protect against account hijacking. They offer a bug bounty, which is meant to provide quality assurance as well as a sort of crowdsourced security auditing. As is the case with most casinos, assume that a decent chunk of funds are held in hot wallets for liquidity purposes, and, when not looking to play in the not too distant future, it is a good practice to withdraw funds to your chosen secure wallet.

Customer Support

Customer support is 24/7 via email. There is also a chat function for players, but private messages can be sent there to support. Coverage is spotty, so email is the best bet for a fast response.

Bottom Line

The FortuneJack bitcoin casino has really stuck to the roots of bitcoin gambling, focusing on anonymous and fast deposits and withdrawals and utilizing, whenever possible, cryptographic proof to demonstrate fairness of play. With the integration of betsoft, this no longer comes at the expense of excellent graphics and an expansive library of games.