What is Bitcoin?  We Break it Down for You

Perhaps one of the biggest roadblocks on the path towards bitcoin's mass adoption is how difficult it is to explain. What exactly is a bit coin? How does bitcoin work? And why is it needed? Our four-part series provides a thorough yet simple introduction, explaining bitcoin's history and why people are excited about it's potential, how transactions work, the rationale and methodology behind bitcoin mining, and we end with a glimpse into bitcoin's development horizon. So go on - read the series and become the most knowledgeable bitcoiner on your block! Great for speed dating, office small talk and an assortment of other getting to know yous!

  • What is Bitcoin? Well, Glad you Asked

    What is Bitcoin, and why is everyone getting so excited by it? 

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  • Bitcoin Transactions

    Cryptography - putting the trust into trustless since 2008.

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  • Bitcoin Mining

    How a decentralized network can agree without talking and how bitcoin can flourish with no central control.

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  • Sidechains

    Adam Back's blockstream is revolutionizing bitcoin, allowing the building of sidechains to make dream applications.

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We Help You Explore the World of Bitcoin

The articles and guides below analyse the latest bitcoin news within the larger context of the market.  While we will not generally be breaking any big stories, we hope to offer our readers greater insight as to why any particular bit of news matters.  We also offer a selection of bitcoin guides, covering such topics as tax and regulation, while highlighting a number of interesting ways in which bitcoin could disrupt different markets.  

  • The Issue Developers Can't Agree On

    Published: February 2th, 2016 | Author: David M

    How the blocksize debate laid bare fundamental differences in ideology between top bitcoin developers, and what that means for the future of bitcoin governance

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  • Why is the Chicago Tribune promoting Decred?

    Published: February 14th, 2016 | Author: David M

    Decred is using the block size debate as noble pretense to launch a turd.

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    Will Bitcoin Save Daily Fantasy Sports?

    Published: February 27th, 2016 | Author: David M

    Maybe at some point, but it will require a total collapse of the market first.

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    Bitcoin and the Limits of Privacy

    Published: March 20th, 2016 | Author: David M

    While anonymous transactions may be abused, protection of privacy is essential for the future of bitcoin as an alternative processing option. 

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    Which Altcoin Exchange will Flop?

    Published: June 23th, 2016 | Author: David M

    Providing security against bitcoin hacks is one thing - what about when you list 150 different coins for trading?

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    Bitcoin Governance

    Published: February 2th, 2016 | Author: David M

    Developers are now turning to the bitcoin public to lobby support for their preferred blocksize solution.  Is this a good thing? 

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