Guide to the Best Bitcoin Debit Cards

No longer must bitcoin holders seek out those elusive “bitcoin accepted” signs for shopping! Today’s bitcoin debit cards act as a bridge between bitcoin and mainstream financial infrastructures, allowing bitcoin holders to spend their coin anywhere visa or mastercard is accepted, or to exchange bitcoin into fiat directly from ATMs. We here at bitreview have compiled the definitive list of bitcoin debit cards, scrutinized them with a fine tooth comb, and reviewed them for the convenience of our dear readers!


    Top Fees, great support, fast transactions

    USD, EUR and GBP cards

    Works at any Mastercard-accepting store or ATM!


    No hidden fees

    Load your altcoins into a Visa debit card

    Limitless anonymous cards


    Integrated bitcoin brokerage

    Decent fees, good mobile app

    Many deposit options


    Bitcoin USD, GBP and EUR cards

    Preload debit cards in seconds, spend like a local

    Excellent wallet security by bitgo,cash insured!


    Managed cold storage, third-party insured

    Hot wallet accessible from excellent mobile apps

    Xapo debit card for day to day use

There are two basic ways in which these debit cards work. The first type of cards, which might be described as prepaid debit cards, require users to convert bitcoin into the local currency ahead of time through an online interface, effectively “loading” the card with fiat for future use. The process is quick enough that this can easily be done in less than a minute, so the preloading process is only a minor inconvenience. The second type of card converts bitcoin into the appropriate currency as and when the card is used, pulling the money directly from the user’s associated bitcoin wallet.

For international travelers out there, we are most excited at the prospect of ordering debit cards in the destination currency, which allows for the withdrawal and spending of local currencies with fees essentially the same as those paid by locals. No longer must we predetermine the amount of currency to exchange, figure out where to do it, or phone our credit card companies to advise we will be abroad. So while unfortunately the bitcoin spender will not be spoint with rewards as might be found when perusing the best cash back credit cards out there,  we can now spend and withdraw money abroad as and when we desire, with nary a thought to fees.

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