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  • Instant conversion from bitcoin to chosen fiat when transferred to uquid, at bitpay rates
  • Card issuer ceased operation, no replacement found.
  • When they were operational, Uquid had no crypto wallet.

The Uquid Debit Card

Uquid has tackled the simple but ambitious task of connecting the worlds of cryptocurrencies and fiat. Customers can send one of a growing number of supported cryptocurrencies to Uquid, where it is instantaneously converted into USD, GBP or EUR and loaded onto a visa debit card. Use ZCash wherever Visa is accepted!

The debit card issued is from the same vendor – Gibraltar-licensed Wave Crest – as most other bitcoin debit cards, like Xapo and Wirex to name two. However, what is different is Uquid’s fee transparency. Unlike the competition, who generally hide 2.5-3% fees in the loading cost, Uquid takes only 0.5% on loading, with an additional 1% going to bitpay, who sources industry best exchange rates for customers across multiple exchanges.

Domestic Withdrawal$2.50€2.25£2.00
International Withdrawal$3.00€2.75£2.00
Point of SaleFreeFreeFree
Foreign Exchange Fee3%3%3%
Monthly Fee$1.00€1.00£1.00
Loading Fee0.5%0.5%0.5%
Plastic Issuance Fee$16.99€14.99£9.99
Virtual Issuance Fee$1.00$1.00$1.00
Delivery FeeFreeFreeFree

An additional point in favor is the anonymity provided. There are customers that create 100s of essentially disposable virtual cards, loading one to the limit and then moving to the next when limit has been reached. An email is essentially all that is required for this.

How to use UQUID

UQuid does not currently offer a bitcoin wallet, though this is in their development pipeline. This means that once cryptocurrency is transferred to UQUID, it will be exchanged into your chosen currency on your debit card. There are positives and negatives to this.

The funnel is designed so that you may keep your currency on your chosen wallet – which many will prefer from a security perspective. Additionally, some might favor sending a good amount of coin up front so that there is adequate funds on the debit card to last for awhile is convenient.

However, for others who prefer to transfer just enough to cover a particular shopping trip or need, each transfer requires an additional miner’s fee, and confirmation times probably preclude sending coin as needed at point of sale or wherever.

How to get set up

You’ll need to enter standard biographical data to open an account. The truthfulness of things like physical address is really only required if you want to get a plastic card and/or get verified status – if you are happy to stick with a virtual visa, accurate email is really all that is required.

Once you have gotten yourself registered, you will receive an email with your account ID number, a six-digit security code – this will always be needed when signing in, so keep it handy – and a PIN number, which will be needed later.

Next, go to “my Uquid Card”, and buy your desired card – costs only $1 for a virtual visa. Boom, you have a virtual visa on KYC level 1, aka Silver, according you the following limits:

Number of Online PurchasesNo LimitNo Limit
Value of Purchases (daily)No LimitNo Limit
ATM Transactions (daily)22
Limit per ATM Transaction $/€200, £160 $/€2,000, £1,600
Max Lifetime ATM Withdrawal$/€1,000, £800No Limit
Max Load (daily)$/€2,500, £2,000$/€20,000, £16,000
Max Load (lifetime, per card)$/€2,500, £2,000 No Limit

If you’d like to go gold, just upload a government ID and a generally accepted proof of address, like a bill or rental agreement.

Depositing at UQUID

Next step is to deposit. You can see below all the deposit methods available. Once you have selected the deposit method and the amount of fiat you would like to receive, an address / QR code is generated along with an exact amount to send to the address – the amount is valid for 15 minutes, after which the total might regenerate to reflect price changes. After the transfer has been made the fiat amount will appear in your wallet, from which it can be sent to any one of your cards, as required and instantly.


Yes, there are mobile applications for both iOS and Android. These are pretty half baked, however, and currently do not do much apart from securely storing your card details. To get yourself set up, grap the “token” number, which appears on card info under “My Uquid Card”, and paste it into the corresponding field on the new app. Add your birthdate and you are in. Ownership has stated that there will be additional features in upcoming releases…so watch this space, we guess.

Bottom line

There are three big reasons to pick UQUID – the loading fees are approximately 50% less than the competition; a number of altcoins are accepted on direct deposit; and there is a superior level of anonymity than you might find with larger brands like XAPO. No matter your location, if you’ve got bitcoin, you can get yourself a visa debit card with uquid.