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Why Buy Bitcoin?

Forget for a minute the price. Choose to allocate a part of your portfolio to cryptocurrency because it could one day be to money what the internet now is for communication.

  • Bitcoin is disruptive

    It removes the middleman from transactions and allows people to directly control their own wealth.

  • Bitcoin is scarce

    It has a slow, predetermined inflation rate, and will limit total production to 21 million bitcoins.

  • Bitcoin is global

    To some Bitcoin is a speculative instrument, to others a hedge against uncertain monetary policies around the world.

Wherever you go, all you need is your key and Bitcoin goes with you.

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Fast Facts

  • There will only ever be 21 million bitcoin, but don’t worry bitcoin is divisible down to the eighth decimal point!
  • Bitcoin is released into the market in a process called mining. Every four years, the amount of bitcoin released through mining is cut in half until it stops completely.
  • When you hold the private key to your bitcoin wallet, you have total control over your bitcoin. It cannot be seized, frozen, or manipulated by anyone. But if you lose your key, your bitcoins are gone forever!
  • Bitcoin transactions are getting very expensive, but scaling solutions are on the way!

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