Seals with Clubs Poker Review
3.5 stars - "Seals with Clubs Poker Review" Seals with Clubs Poker Review

Seals with Clubs Poker Review

Written on: August 24th, 2015 | Author: David M


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Important info
  • Accepts US :  Yes
  • Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Established:  2011
  • Software:   proprietary
  • Mobile :  Not mobile friendly
  • Games :  Poker
  • Office Location :  Costa Rica
  • Payout precentage :  Up to 50%
Pros and cons
  • Deposit in seconds, withdraw in minutes
  • Cumulative lifetime loyalty program extremely rewarding
  • bitcoin pioneers and poker enthusiasts
  • Minimal liquidity
  • downloadable client only

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Seals with Clubs has taken a few devastating blows recently. Bryan Micon, the founder and long time advocate, was chased out of his home by anti-poker storm troops in his home state of Nevada. The site was forced to close, reopened some time later by associates of Mr. Micon in Antigua. It has never recovered its former liquidity.

Arguably just as devastating (well, not for Mr. Micon), US-focused poker competitors, perhaps smelling blood in the water, integrated bitcoin payments into their cashiers. Now players could deposit at highly trafficked rooms like ACR or Betonline, deposit and withdraw in bitcoin, while playing in USD. This removed a key unique service provision of SwC.

However, there are a few things going for Seals with Clubs, and we believe that it is the patriotic duty of any poker playing bitcoin enthusiasts to at the very least have an account and check in from time to time.

Seals with Clubs demonstrate very directly the advantages of using bitcoin as a payment method. I have seen the future of paying for stuff on the internet, and it is good.  They have earned a reputation for honesty and integrity in their dealings with players.The loyalty program rewards loyalty for lifetime, with cumulative point totals corresponding to rakeback percentages which are paid back, in bitcoin to player accounts, every Sunday.

And they were the trailblazers. That has got to count for something, no?

Opening a Seals with Clubs Account

One of the main selling points for Seals with Clubs', one clear advantage they hold over their competitors in this crowded market known as online poker, is the ease at which players can open accounts and deposit and withdraw money.

And hey, they do a very good job at it, which makes sense considering that a bad job could eliminate a good chunk of their reason for being. How good? Well, after downloading the client, all that is required to open an account is username, password, and email. For the easily discouraged, please remember that passwords must have both an uppercase and lowercase letter AND a number, AND be a minimum of eight digits! We failed to fulfill these requirements on our first go and were about to abandon the entire effort as a result.

Depositing and Withdrawal

OK, I have seen the future of internet commerce, and this is it. Want to deposit? Great, here is a QR code, scan it from your wallet and hit send. That's it. No exchanging of bank details or filling in the last 5 digits of a social security number. No passing of credit card details - including the "secret four digit code" on the back to strangers across the interweb. (what is that even for anyways? Will a thief neglect to steal that as well, or not be willing to exert the effort to flip over a stolen card?) No fees. No waiting for the account to be credited for who knows how long. Instant, secure and free, and that is how it should be!

And withdrawing is no less glorious! Here are the steps: specify the withdrawal amount. Specify your wallet address. Type in your password. Bam, you are the proud completer or the Seals with Clubs withdrawal process. And did we mention it is free?

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Welcome Bonus

Seals with Club offers no welcome bonus, but rather incentivizes players through various retention programs, described just below!



Most of you have probably just arrived directly from the "Welcome Bonus" section above, where we mentioned the programs used to reward player loyalty.

Krill, or the tiny shrimp eaten by seals and whales, are the points earned by players with the more krill earned the higher the associated VIP level. Here are the "Krill Waves" associated to the different VIP levels:

Krill Waves  Cumulative Krill Required  Reward 
Floundering Seal  500  Chairman's Knob 
Baby Seal  1,250  Freeroll 
Daring Seal  2,500  1% Rakeback 
Adult Seal 5,000 2% Rakeback
Tricky Seal 10,000 5% Rakeback
Journeyman Seal 20,000 11% Rakeback
Sly Seal 50,000 19% Rakeback
Cunning Seal 100,000 27% Rakeback
Boss Seal 200,000 33% Rakeback
Shrewd Seal 500,000 38% Rakeback
Baller Seal 1,000,000 42% Rakeback
Sage Seal 2,000,000 45% Rakeback
Iconic Seal 5,000,000 47% Rakeback
Grand Master Seal 10,000,000 50% Rakeback

I, most likely similarly to you, was immediately struck by three thoughts:

  • The chairman's knob sounds like a delightful reward;
  • Were the VIP level names stolen and slightly adapted from a Chinese restaurant menu? Everything is a bit English as a second language here, but these levels sure sound delicious.
  • There sure are a lot of levels.

To which we answer:

  • I've intentionally misspelled nod;
  • They did not consciously steal the names from a Chinese food restaurant, but perhaps unconsciously. Or, if we are speaking in terms of Freudian consciousness and unconsciousness, preconsciously would be a more apt description;
  • Yeah, there are.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, how does one go about earning krill?  Seals with Clubs has decided to implement a formula for earning krill that requires an advanced mathematics degree. This is the formula:

√(rake)*(5/players)*factor and then rounded down to the nearest 1/10 krill)*2
OK, fine. Then how is the rake calculated?


  • Full ring tables: 2.5%, rounded down with a cap of three big blinds or .005 btc (5 chips), whichever is lower.
  • Limit tables: 2% rounded down when big blinds are at or above .005 chips (.5 btc), with a two big blind or four chip cap, whichever is lowest.
  • No Limit tables: 1.7% rounded down when big blinds are at or above .005 chips (.5 btc), with a cap of one big blind or three chips (.003 btc).


So how much rake do I need for 500 krill and the coveted Chairman's knob? Well for instance, a full six-handed no limit table with a 150 chip pot (.15 btc) would result in rake of 3.75 chips. √3.75*(⅚*factor) rounded down*2 is...3.2 krill!  Not a bad start!  Getting so close to the Chairman's knob I can almost taste it! 

But in all seriousness, putting aside the complex method of Krill calculation, there is nothing complicated about the rewards. Straightforward rakeback percentages, by level, paid every Sunday like clockwork. None of all that booster this, and buy a bonus with your points crap - you know exactly what you get and when you get it. And when you get to the higher levels, you are there for life. Now THAT is rewarding loyalty.

The Krill Leaderboard

The top five krill earners each week are are rewarded generous chip payouts!

Place  Payout 
5 50 Chips (0.05 btc) 
100 Chips (0.1 btc) 
3 200 Chips (0.2 btc)
2 300 Chips (0.3 btc)
500 Chips (0.5 btc) 

This might not sound like an overwhelming amount, but player volumes are currently a bit low, and we have no doubt the payouts will increase as does the traffic.

Table Starter Rakeback

With a view towards incentivizing players to open additional tables, start a six seat table and play two or three handed poker and earn 50% rakeback. Paid each Monday.

Just to put a fine point on it, loyal members - if you become a GrandMaster Krill and start your own table, you get 100% rakeback.

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The client is lightweight and regular online poker players will be very familiar with the layout. We were actually a bit disappointed to see a look and feel that is entirely in line with most online poker clients. We were sort of hoping for a new and fresh look and feel, as SwC is so singularly about bitcoin, which is an extremely cutting edge technology.

But I suppose the lobby layout is used because it is so intuitive, with all the different types of games - ring, tournaments and sitngos - and variations such as Holdem, Omaha, Stud, Draw Games, Mixed and Open Face Chinese Poker accessible with just a click. There is a troll box/chat option, available 24/7, can be found at the bottom of the lobby.

There is no web-based version, but the client is Apple compatible.

The biggest issue is, of course, the liquidity. There just is not much action at the tables. Sunday nights, when rakeback is paid out there are spikes in play, and we hope to see greater player levels after the summer ends, when people stop going outside and turn into poker slobs again.


There are murmurings of an Android-based product, but nothing has been released as of yet.

Customer Support

There is an email address, and issues are generally responded to promptly.  Additionally, a chat box at the bottom of the lobby is a great, friendly place to get all sorts of information about the product, and Seals with Clubs team members drop in from time to time.

Bottom Line

One cannot help but root for Seals With Clubs. Mr. Micon is an unsung bitcoin innovator because he understood early the utility of bitcoin, and how it was applicable in the online poker market. He didn't create a killer app or anything, but he chipped at the margins, and in our opinion this is the way that bitcoin will eventually capture the mainstream. (Was there ever a killer app for the internet? No, there wasn't. Oh wait, yeah there was, porno. Nevermind.)

But we need not appeal only to the emotions for supporting Seals With Clubs. The register/deposit process can be done in three minutes, withdrawing is free and fast (sometimes you might have to wait up to 24 hours, but compare that to any poker room, anywhere online), the room is run by honest poker lovers, and the value provided to loyal players is the best out there.

Hit the Tables!

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Bitcoin Price (USD): 853.48