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  • Simple contracts for fixed payouts
  • One-click registration with gmail account
  • Great on mobile!
  • Suffers from liquidity issues


Predictious offers an extremely user-friendly prediction market, allowing users to buy or sell prediction contracts on future events. Predictious is an exchange, meaning that users are actually betting against one another, posting bets they are interested in making along with the odds they would require to enter into the posted bet. Like the other bitcoin prediction markets, Predictious, which opened way back in June of 2013, has had difficulty building a critical mass of user volume, and so there is little action to be had. Sportsbetting is entirely nonexistent as a matter of fact, so sports bettors best to look elsewhere. However, the product is solid and the interface intuitive, offering an easy platform for beginners to get their feet wet in political, economic, or general news-related betting categories.

Opening an Account

Registering with Predictious requires associating your gmail account, which is a simple, two click process. You needn’t share your password of course, the process simply allows Predictious to know your email address and your public google profile.

Deposits are easily made from within the user interface. An address is given to which deposits should be made, and they generally appear in a user account within a few minutes. Withdrawals are made by inputting your personal address into the withdraw tab, and are processed in relatively quick fashion.

Placing a Bet

As mentioned in the introduction, we are quite fond of the intuitive betting interface. The different prediction markets are divided into sports, politics, economics, entertainment and science and tech, with additional categorisation within each section.

Predictions are phrased as simple “yes or no” question, and each contract or share can be redeemed for either 10 mbit if the outcome of the event is predicted accurately, or zero if it is not. The odds format can be displayed as a simple share price, or decimal, fraction or moneyline odds.

After clicking on the particular event, a bet slip opens offering the option to buy or sell shares. Unlike other prediction markets – like bitbet or betmoose for instance – in which bets for and against a position are pooled, predictious matches long users directly to short users, and so share prices are fixed. Once shares have been purchased, you have the opportunity to sell prior to an event at profit or loss, provided there is a market for the shares.

If you would like to place a bet on a particular event, but are unhappy with the existing odds, you may long or short the event at your desired odds, and your bet will be published on the site. If it is picked up by a user – great, you’ve placed a bet at your desired odds. if not, the bet will expire, and your funds will be returned to your account. You may also set up an expiration time, at which point your bet will automatically be pulled back if it has not yet been taken.


Predictious’ endeavors to respond to emails within a 24 hour period. It’s a small company (Four we think?) and all hands on deck – so it could be the owner himself responding to your emails!


Predictious has an excellent mobile product, beautifully designed for a convenient and enjoyable experience on handheld devices. This makes sense as the parent company, Pixode, develops multi-platform applications that are all brilliantly crafted.

Bottom Line

Predictious is a very user friendly, intuitive prediction market. We hope they are successful in building the liquidity necessary to grow into a proper exchange. This will be challenging for Predictious and all the bitcoin prediction markets, who are very much dependent on the wider adoption of bitcoin.