Bitcoin Roulette

By: David Marc
Updated: November 21, 2017

Bitcoin Roulette

Bitcoin offers Roulette enthusiasts three advantages over the mainstream online roulette experience. First, depositing is instant, withdrawing is near instant, and the entire registration process is at most the equivalent of login at mainstream casinos. Second, the nature of bitcoin allows borderless, free and pseudo-anonymous transactions. Location does not matter, and no bank or payment processor knows the destination of your coin. And lastly, many bitcoin casinos offer a provably-fair roulette experience, allowing players confidence in the true randomness of any roulette wheel spin, unknown to both casino and player alike.

Provably Fair Roulette

What follows is a generic representation of how provably-fair roulette works. There might be slight differences in how these rules are applied from casino to casino, but the basic logic is generally the same.

Each Roulette Slot is assigned a number, generally one to 37 or 38 depending on the variety, and these numbers are digitally shuffled together, much the same as one would shuffle a deck of cards. A hash of the shuffled numbers and a random number string, the output of which is known as the server seed, is shown to the user. (For more information on how hashing works in provably-fair gaming, check out a summary here.) While the user is unable to determine the actual shuffled numbers from the hash, after each game he is shown the inputs used, and can check to ensure that the output does, indeed, match the hash.

The player is offered the chance to input his own chosen random string of numbers, known as the client seed, which is hashed against the shuffled numbers, the output being a mixed deck. Though not accurate, for ease of explanation, imagine that the client seed can be any number from one to 37 or 38 – thus serving to effectively cut the shuffled numbers at that point in the order. Now, most operators do not simply cut the “deck”; they utilize a random number generator, which uses the cut point determined by the player to start the shuffle.

As the server seed is fixed prior to the hand, and a random variant is introduced by the player, the outcome of the shuffle is truly random, and cannot be known to either player or casino prior to the roulette spin. After each hand, the process is repeated and the user, if so inclined, can check to ensure the honesty of previous hands.

Best Bitcoin Roulette Bonus

The casino has an edge of 2.7% in European Roulette, in which there are 36 numbers and one zero which is neither even or odd, red or black. Of course, there are also a number of strategies employed by players – most notably the martingale system, in which a bet is doubled until the player wins – that arguably reduce or eliminate the house edge. The casino bonus system is generally meant for games with a larger house edge, and thus the bonus terms for roulette are often altered.

CasinoBonusTurnover requirement
FortuneJack100% up to 1 btc75x*
BitcoinPenguin0.5 btc**350x
Cloudbet100% up to 5 btc1600x

*Only Double Action Roulette offered, offering a greater house edge than European Roulette.
**Minimum 1 btc deposit required for bonus to vest.

Assuming a player’s strategy grants the 2.7% edge to the house, a player will on average turn over his initial deposit 37 times before busting. This is of course before considering any particular strategies and their impact on the edge. Bonus hunters will take notice that bitcasino’s bonus vests prior to the assumed bust point.

Where to play?

For a provably-fair gaming experience, Fortune Jack offers a great selection.  Check out our best bitcoin casinos for more information.