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  • No sign up bonus
  • Instant and anonymous deposits and withdrawals
  • Good odds and sports coverage
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  • Instant and anonymous deposits and withdrawals


Nitrogen Sports offers the most engaging community sports experience in the market. Promotions designed for social engagement, and an active and welcoming chat box provides a warm atmosphere for your betting activity.

Combine this with a no-email registration, fantastic sports and events coverage and some of the most competitive odds in the market, and it’s easy to see why Nitrogen Sports is one of the more popular bitcoin sportsbooks in the market.

The lack of in-play betting and extensive bet types might be a discouraging factor for some users, but provided you don’t need too many exotic bets and are alright with pre game (and some quarterly/halftime wagering as well) bets, you should give nitrogen a shot.

Opening an Account

Don’t like registering? Nitrogen Sports doesn’t require it! When first arriving at Nitrogen Sports, you are notified that an account has already been created for you, and cookies are used to maintain automatic login. A special link is offered that can provide access to the account from different computers.

Adding a username and password is highly recommended from a security perspective, and passphrases of up to 128 characters are supported. Additionally, users are offered two factor authentication to protect login. Email details are never requested. Users are known only by number, unless they give themselves a nickname.

Depositing and withdrawing

A bitcoin address bar is shown at the top of the page. When clicked, your address is generated. Simply copy and paste the address to your favorite wallet, transfer the chosen amount of bitcoin, and it should be within your nitrogen account within seconds.

Withdrawals are generally instant as well provided there is no security issues requiring manual verification. In this case, withdrawals may be delayed for 24 hours. Withdrawals cannot be made until the initial deposit has received at least one confirmation from the bitcoin network. This means funds are usually available for withdrawal within 10 minutes of depositing at most.

There is also a player to player transfer option available from within the cashier. Simply input the amount to be transferred, the user number, and password. Please ensure all details are correct, as transfers are irreversible.

Welcome Bonus

There is no welcome bonus offered, though there are many interesting promotions described below. Most likely there is no bonus because Nitrogen does not require username and password, which leads to many users preferring to withdraw and deposit funds regularly. This would complicate best wagering requirement practices associated with bonuses.


Nitrogen has some really unique and fun sports promotional activity. The promotions generate quite a lot of buzz on the player chat and on social media. Kudos to Nitrogen for developing a promotional strategy that as a byproduct helps foster a sense of community on the site.

Parlay Jackpot

A small amount of each parlay placed by all Nitrogen users is placed in a monthly jackpot, which is paid out to the top seven parlay winners. Note that it is not the cumulative wins but rather the largest single parlay win which is ranked.

To help lessen the blows of just missing a parlay win, tickets which missed payouts by one play are also eligible for the competition.

This month, the top winner looks ready to take home about 7 bitcoins as a jackpot prize, with second place taking about 3 bitcoins, 3rd 1.5, all the way down to .12 bitcoin for seventh place. The size of the total jackpot is displayed at the top of the site, in blue.

Go for the Gold

Eight different challenges, each associated with a letter of “Nitrogen”, are posted at the beginning of the month. These challenges are generally associated with winning specificThe player who completes most challenges – proven by sharing his betslip on the nitrogen twitter, facebook, or blog page, wins 2 btc. Only betslips with minimum wagers of .005 bitcoin are eligible for the promotion.

NFL Survivor Pool

The National Football League survivor pool runs for the entire course of the NFL season. Each season, there are a number of diffferent pools, ranging from a free pool with a 1 bitcoin prize contributed by Nitrogen, to a 10 bitcoin buyin pool. Each week, players must select a team they believe will win. Only selection of a winning team will allow a player to survive until the following week. The last player standing – he or she who lasted the longest with only correct picks, takes home the pot.

Software and Games

First, we love the clean and user-friendly Nitrogen website. Sportsbook, casino and poker tabs above the left-hand navigation sidebar alter the content below accordingly. Personal account information, such as cashier, account information, wagering history, and transactions are conveniently located under the “Nitrogen” tab.

There is a chat feature running along the top of the site, which can be maximized if a player would like to participate. A moderator is always present, to offer individual support, moderate games of trivia, and to protect against trolling or any other misuse of the chat box. There is a spirit of camaraderie amongst users that can be felt while either watching or participating in the ongoing, 24/7 conversations. This is likely due in no small part to Nitrogen’s emphasis on the social aspect of betting, strongly reinforced by its promotions and constant support moderation.

The Sportsbook is nicely designed, with matches separated into “starting soon” and game type categories. Under game type, there is the option to pick games by their league or based on start time. After picking a particular category, games will display chronologically with very large odds and bet types for easy viewing. The betslip follows the user as he scrolls down the screen, and offers Straight, Parlay and Teaser bets (On basketball and Football only). The Teaser option allows users to adjust the spreads on bets across his parlay as needed to win, in exchange for a lower potential payout. Users are able to toggle between decimal and American odds formats from the settings tab, located on the left-hand side bar.

Nitrogen Sports offers a massive selection of US and world sports including American Prol and NCAA sports, Soccer, Cricket, Rugby, Tennis, Golf, Handball, Snooker, Table Tennis, Martial Arts, and the ever-popular (and unique to Nitrogen) e-sports category, including StarCraft, League of Legends, Dota and Dreamhack.

Nitrogen has a reputation for having competitive odds, and maximum bets are generally in the 10 BTC range. While Nitrogen Sports’ event coverage is arguably the best in the market, the types of bets offered lags behind, particularly on the European side. Bets offered on all sports seems streamlined, with win/loss, different spreads and over/under on the American side, with the same setup on the European/world sport side, accept three ways instead of straight win/loss. Quarter and halftime bets are available only in basketball and American football. There is also no live betting feature, which will be a deterrent for some punters.

Nitrogen side games

There are a few side games offered to help bettors pass the time pregame. Nitrogen Sports launched an HTML5 poker client in September. It runs on Cubeia, a Swedish-based bitcoin poker company, but doesn’t share liquidity with any other room. This keeps the room populated primarily with sportsbook players, which tends to offer a relatively soft level of competition.

However, the fact that Nitrogen does not sit on a network also severely undermines player volume. It remains to be seen if the poker vacuum caused by the recent closure of sealswithclubs draws players to Nitrogen poker. As it stands today, there is not enough action for the poker client to be strongly recommended in and of its own right – but simply as a fun addition to the sports client. There are two hourly freerolls, the first a one mBTC freeroll, the second a winner takes all 10 mBTC. The guaranteed tournaments almost always have an overlay. There might be a few players hanging around the no limit cash tables if you are so-inclined.

Nitrogen also offers one deck and eight deck provably-fair blackjack. Users may bet between .001 and 1 BTC per hand.


The website is responsibly designed, and looks great on all handheld devices. All sports functionality is available through mobile and tablet, as is blackjack.


Two factor authorization is available and recommended for account access. This requires setting up a username and password. Under settings, players can choose to be informed by email of any cashier changes or bets placed, which of course requires inputting an email address. No information is shared on coin-storage methods, and as always we recommend holding coin in secure, third party wallets when not planning on playing in the near future.

Customer Support

Customer support really is great. And the support really isn’t there to simply react if there is an issue with clients. They proactively engage through the chat and help to build a sense of community. There is a ticketing service through the website, and responses are generally received within a few hours.

Bottom Line

Nitrogen Sports offers a fun and anonymous betting solution. It requires zero personal information to register and deposit and accepts players worldwide. The promotions and chat features are enough reason for the socially-inclined to choose Nitrogen. For those who prefer to bet in private, the user interface, odds, and event coverage are amongst the top in the market.

Throw in instant deposits and withdrawals and fun casino and poker side games, and you’ve got yourself a fantastic product. We wholeheartedly recommend Nitrogen Sports, click on the button below to start playing.