Evolve Markets - CFDs for US Traders
5 stars - "Evolve Markets - CFDs for US Traders" Evolve Markets - CFDs for US Traders

Evolve Markets - CFDs for US Traders

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Written on: August 4th, 2017 | Author: David M
  • Evolve offers bitcoin-collateralized CFD trading on metatrader 4
  • Very tight spreads and extremely high leverages available for mainstrea asset classes
  • US traders are welcome!

Trade CFDs with your Bitcoin!

Bitcoin CFD Trading with Evolve Markets

Evolve Markets is a bitcoin-deposit-only  CFD brokerage for mainstream and cryptocurrency assets which launched at the end of 2016. The product shares many attributes with market leader SimpleFx: they both operate on the metatrader 4 platforms; they both allow customers to collateralize mainstream asset classes with cryptocurrency; and they both offer tight spreads, relatively low swap rates and highly leveraged CFDs. Evolve Markets does, however, accept US customers whilst SimpleFX does not, and thus fills a very important market niche.  If you are US based and looking for a CFD brokerage that collateralizes trades in bitcoin, Evolve.Markets is your best bet.

Trade at Evolve.Markets

Evolve Markets - Account Creation

Evolve Markets allows instant email-only account creation, and deposit speed can be almost instantaneous, depending on bitcoin network congestion. Theoretically, a new bitcoin-holding client can register and make his first trade within minutes (Don't yet have bitcoin? Find a bitcoin broker here).

Evolve Markets utilizes a cold storage system for security, and withdrawals are manually processed. This is generally done hourly during business hours, but it can take a bit longer. Evolve Markets entreats you to be patient! Security is paramount, and if it means minor delays at times, this is the price paid.

A Breakdown of Bitcoin CFDs and the rest at Evolve Markets

If you are a forex trading veteran, you most likely have accumulated some experience with metatrader 4, which is pretty universally acknowledged as the best platform in the market. Evolve Markets runs exclusively on MT4, and traders can choose from the webtrading, mobile or downloadable versions. New traders are automatically set up with a demo account, so you can get your feet wet playing around with 50 million bits (1 million per bitcoin), the currency unit used for all trading.


So the platform is universally thought to be excellent. See below a comparison of spreads with SimpleFX, the closest product in the market.

Evolve Market Spreads

It is worthwhile to check evolve markets spreads against simplefx which is the industry benchmark. The below spreads are for representative purposes only, but they were taken at the same time.

Market Evolve.Markets SimpleFX
BTCUSD 7.02 7.56
ETHBTC .0016 .00183
ETHUSD .24 .24
LTCUSD .23 .9
EURUSD .00011 .00009
USDJPY .01 .011
GBPUSD .00016 .00016
OILUSD .048 .05
GOLDUSD .23 .3
SPX500 .6 .4

 Surprisingly, in most cases the edge on fees goes to Evolve, though SimpleFX has a much more robust selection of instruments on offer across all asset classes. Note that large traders might prefer Evolve Market's Pro accounts, which offers a fixed commission rather than spread.


Market Swap Short Swap Long
BTCUSD -.22778% -.23333%
ETHBTC -70 (bits) -88 (bits)
ETHUSD -70 (bits) -88 (bits)
LTCUSD -58 (bits) -61 (bits)
EURUSD 2.54330 -7.20290
USDJPY -5.8 1.8
GBPUSD .90903 -5.378544
OILUSD 0 -.07793
GOLDUSD .001735 -.005835
SPX500 -1.1 -2.8

Evolve offers massive leverages on non-crypto asset classes. You can change your leverage on the web platforms from the website in your account area under "settings". Leverages decrease in increments of 100 for the main assets, with bitcoin decreasing in increments of 5, with the lowest leverage level at 100:1 / 5:1 bitcoin.

Market Leverage (up to)
 EURUSD 500:1
 USDJPY 500:1
 GBPUSD 500:1
 OILUSD 500:1
 GOLDUSD 500:1
 SPX500 500:1

 Account equity must be maintained at 50% of the initial margin across all positions - in the event that equity dips below that, positions will automatically be closed, largest losing position first, until the margin level returns to adequacy.

The Evolve Markets Platform - Bitcoin Trading on MetaTrader 4

Evolve is integrated with all the Metatrader 4 platforms, their webtrader, downloadable, or mobile products. As with any MT4 brokerage, you will find a massive amount of technical trading tools and a clean, intuitive interface for trading. The ability to integrate multiple signals and auto-trading systems is available on the downloadable platform only, as is the ability to set trailing stops.

Bottom Line

Evolve is like a newer, smaller Simple FX that is open to US traders. Their newness means fewer assets, and they have not really mastered the arts of support. However, in terms of strength of core product - MT4 integration and low fees (lowest, perhaps) - Evolve is at the tops of the CFD market for cryptocurrency holders. If you are based in the US, this is probably your go-to brand.  Otherwise, feel free to check out our reviews of the best Bitcoin CFD platforms.

Trade CFDs in Bitcoin at Evolve