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  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Dash
Additional info
  • BTCUSD: .67% ; EURUSD: .0002; GBPUSD: .0002; GOLD: .9; OIL: .2
    Trading Fees
  • CFDs
    Margin Trading
Target Market
  • Global
  • Crypto Only
  • Crypto Only
  • 50:1 on crypto, commodities and stocks; 200:1 on Forex
  • Very narrow crypto spreads for a CFD brokerage
  • Accepts US traders
  • Anonymous trading experience
  • Overnight fees way too high
  • No fiat deposits

WhaleClub puts the Crypto in Cryptocurrency CFDs

Are you bitcoin rich – did you get in early and you now sit on a pile of bitcoin worth more money than you can fathom? Are you looking to invest or trade with that bitcoin, but you don’t really want to expose your identity, and besides you are not interested in changing your money into fiat? Well, perhaps you want to join the 15,000+ daily traders at WhaleClub.

WhaleClub is a Hong Kong-based trading platform optimized entirely for Bitcoin and Dash, offering CFD derivative trading on crypto, commodities, forex, stocks, bonds and indexes. Leverages are set at your discretion between 1 – 222 depending on the instrument.

And of course, you do not need to be bitcoin rich to become a Whale – the Club is open to anyone. If you don’t have bitcoin already, check out our comparison of the best bitcoin exchanges . Otherwise, check out WhaleClub – you can get a 30% rebate on losing trades, up to the value of your total first deposit.  No strings.

Getting Started

Trades are collateralized in either Bitcoin or Dash, the two cryptocurrencies accepted for deposit. This crypto-limitation allows for a number of excellent features. First, registration requires only email confirmation, there is no ID verification or biographical requests. Some have shied away from a complete lack of KYC; a few like Whaleclub, usually operating out of Hong Kong, take the view that KYC happens at both the on and off ramps between fiat and crypto, and that is enough.

Second, Deposits are instantaneous. Transferred Bitcoin and Dash should be immediately available for trading. For security reasons, crypto is held in offline cold storage, which means that withdrawals are manually batch processed, generally every hour.

And third, the ability to cut out financial institutions means there are no geographical restrictions to trading. Whale Club is a truly global trading community of Whales, aspirational or actual.

Whale Club Deposit Bonus

New depositors are credited with a bonus of 30% of the initial deposit, with no limit. This bonus acts as a rebate, returning as cash back into the account 30% of negative PNL trades until the bonus is entirely used up. It is important to emphasize that the bonus has zero effect on a trader’s ability to deposit or withdraw – it is simply a rebate applied on trading.

Cryptocurrency CFDs, and all the rest, at WhaleClub

WhaleClub offers, in addition to multiple crypto pairs, trading in commodities, Forex, bonds, indexes, and select stocks. Here are some of the vital stats.

MarketLeverage (up to)SpreadFinancing
Forex (12 pairs)222:1.0002-.03%0.5%
Commodities (8)10-25:1.04-.44%.07% (WTI .79%)
Bonds (4)50:1.04-.06%.05%
Indexes (5)10:1.03-.14%.05-.07%
Stocks (13)15:1.04-.56%0.1%

Note that the pricing above is indicative, and can change based on trading circumstances. Two things jump out immediately. First, spreads are extremely attractive on crypto compared to the competition. Second, the financing rates are extremely high in crypto and, curiously, in the most popular trading instruments, like EURUSD.

CFD Derivative Trading with WhaleClub

The trading platform is extremely simple. The most popular instruments are displayed on the left. There is no order book or depth chart, though active orders may be seen by hovering the mouse over the instrument, as below.


A click on the instrument populates the imbedded tradeview chart, and a trade slip may be opened with a click of the trade now button.

The trade slip offer market and limit trades with a drop down of all acceptable leverages. Order instructions, take profits stop losses, and trailing stops, can only be placed post trade.


Clicking on the edit icons beneath SL or TP opens the trade summary.

Instructions may be expressed as a percentage, as an amount of earned/lost bitcoin, or at a price point. For trailing stop loss, click on the icon next to stop loss, as show above. The box icon next to “size” allows for positions to be split 50/50, 60/40 and so on, so that traders may close out a certain percentage of the percentage as desired.

Traders are shown their liquidation price, the point at which the margin call is executed and the position closed. Liquidation price is set per position, unlike with other trading platforms like metatrader 4 or bitMEX, which base margin calls on the overall position of a trader’s portfolio.

Take note of “leverage financing”, which depicts the cost of funding your leverage over a 24 hour period. One-twenty fourth of this is collected every hour at the top of the hour, deducted from your margin.

Turbo Trading

Turbo Trading is Binary Options by another name. Traders can bet on whether an instrument will increase or decrease in value over the next period, usually between 1-5 minutes, with correct bets earning a varied amount but usually 50-60%, 35% on bitcoin, with losing bets forfeiting the entire amount.


Like Roulette, but betting black when red has two-thirds of the slots.


WhaleClub has invested a lot in their mobile product. It is simple to maintain accounts, and close/open positions as needed. Of course for the real intense activities, best to be sitting across from the computer.

Might be better off elsewhere:

You are based outside of the US (Or you can look like you are based outside of the US)

Because then you can trade at a futures exchange, which offers super narrow margins, extremely low fees, and 100% price transparency.  Check out bitmex to get an idea of what’s out there.

You are looking specifically to trade mainstream assets with bitcoin deposits.


Bottom Line

Whale Club has a smart little product that has become in a short time one of the most popular trading platforms in which trades are collateralized entirely in cryptocurrency. There is a wide variety of pairs for trading across multiple markets – not limited to crypto – the spreads are low, and customer privacy is paramount. Aside from having a slick product, WhaleClub walks the walk – they demonstrate how cryptocurrency can power a fast, cheap, borderless trading experience.

Deposit Now for a 30% Rebate on Losing Trades

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