• Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Dash
  • Ripple
Additional info
  • BTCUSD: 1.25%; EURUSD: .00009; GBPUSD: .00025; GOLD: .35; OIL: .015
    Trading Fees
  • CFDs
    Margin Trading
  • Credit Card, Bank Wire, Debit Card, Neteller, Skrill
  • Crypto: 10:1 Mainstream: 200:1
  • Looks like the lowest fees in the CFD markets, with a spread less than 1%
  • Proprietary XStation platform very well respected.
  • Tons of trading instruments available
  • Though low for CFDs, you can get much narrower spreads at a standard futures exchange.
  • No bitcoin depositing
  • US traffic not accepted.

Trade Five Different CryptoCurrencies on XTB’s Award-Winning XStation

XTB is old school, opening it’s doors to Forex traders back in 2002. In terms of cryptocurrencies however, it took them a long time – 15 years as a matter of fact – to introduce the instruments to their traders. For us Crypto enthusiasts, this is good news for two reasons. First, it demonstrates that the old Forex guard is acknowledging the importance of cryptocurrency CFD offerings both to its own customers who want to trade this volatility, but also to meet growing demand of a new customer niche. Additionally, and more importantly, it means that cryptocurrency trading is finally available on the web-based XStation, a fantastic product with a dedicated cadre of traders.

With XTB, you will get access to bitcoin, ethereum, Dash, Ripple and Litecoin CFDs on XStation software, with leverages up to 10:1 (higher if you have massive account balances). The spreads are decent, the swap rates are low, and account managers are on call to negotiate an additional cashback percentage on your trading volume each and every month.

Getting Started

To get your account sorted you will need to provide a government issued ID aand two separate proofs of address. After the account is verified, you may deposit as little as $€£250, using one of the below deposit options.

 Deposit ChargeWithdrawal Charge
Bank WireFreeFree*
Visa, Mastercard, MaestroFreeNa
Paypal or Skrill2%Na

*Bank withdrawal is free provided the withdrawal amount exceeds the threshold of $100, €80, £60, HUF 12,000. The withdrawal fee on amounts less than that make it essentially not worth withdrawing unless you can hit the threshold – so trade your way up!

Crypto on the XStation

XTB’s XStation has won a smattering of awards, and after reviewing a number of different platforms it is easy to understand why. The user interface is in line with most platforms, instruments on the left, charts on the right, positions and order history beneath. Yet somehow everything feels smoother. The carts look crisp, there is no lag, and information is clearly presented. XStation is entirely web-based, so it is easy to trade on the go, and

See below the vital stats of crypto trading on the Xstation.

Lot Size1 btc100 ltc10 etc10 dash10,000 xrp
Spreads (floating average)$20$0.80$5$5$0.02
Long Swap.029%.033%.033%.029%.032%
Short Swap.022%.026%.026%.023%.026%

Crypto trading hours are from 23:00 Sunday night until 22:00 Friday, UTC+2, and swaps are executed at midnight. Please note that no trades may be executed outside of trading hours – that means no positions closed!

How to place a cryptocurrency trade on XStation

First, enter your chosen crypto symbol name in the field above the instrument list. Added symbols appear in the first position. A click on the symbol will open a quick trade format within the interface.


You will notice buy and sell boxes with the number of lots adjustible between. Just above the lot number the spread is displayed in grey pips – Stick a decimal in front of the last two digits and you’ll have it expressed in your base currency. Beneath the buy / sell boxes market depth is displayed, all the limit orders currently placed within the platform. You can easily place quick order here, or simply click on the pencil icon aboce the buy box to open the full trade slip.

The full trade slip displays the margin required to open a position. In the above screen hot, our contract of 5 bitcoin will require a margin of gbp 961, or 10% of the position. A click on stop loss or take profit opens up those additional fields as well as traling stops, which may all be expressed in pips, your base currency, or percentage gain / loss. To place a limit order, click on the pending order tab.

After the order has been placed, it will appear in your open positions menu at the bottom of the screen.

The margin of 1,962 is the balance required to keep open all the orders have placed, 10 bitcoin in the above example. Equity is the balance plus the profit of all positions. If the account equity dips beneath 30% of the margin, positions will be closed until the equity level is greater than 30% of the margin required.


The XStation may be accessed via iOS and Android applications.

You might look elsewhere if:

You are willing to deposit in bitcoin.

This opens up the world of derivative exchanges like bitmex, which offer very narrow margins and fees, as well as transparent pricing.  If you would like to trade mainstream markets using bitcoin, 1broker is the best option in our opinion, and accept users from anywhere.

You live in the USA

Check out for an excellent US CFD trading solution – but you will have to deposit in bitcoin.


Bottom Line

Great news that XTB has introduced cryptocurrencies on their award-winning XStation. XTB shares top honors for the most cryptos on offer, with bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, ripple and Dash. Their leverages are not as high as some of the competition, but traders benefit from a top notch web-based platform with reasonable spreads and swap rates.

Interested in more information on trading platforms? Check out our guide to cryptocurrency trading.